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Friday, 4 August 2017


[UNLOCKED] How to unlock Bootloader of any Xiaomi device by Mi Unlock Tool

[UNLOCKED] How to unlock Bootloader of any Xiaomi device by Mi Unlock Tool
Hello guys, Xiaomi comes in India via Flipkart in July 2014 with redmi 1S with a price tag of 6,000, which is very value for money product by Xiaomi in that time.
        Keeping this statement their policy, now xiaomi is the 2nd largest company in India, after Samsung( source: gadgetnow ).
      Initially, Xiaomi does not lock the bootloader of their smartphone, but after redmi 2 prime, they start to lock the bootloader of their smartphone, for consumer protection....
       Because if your smartphone gets lost and a person who found your device can easily flash custom ROMs on your smartphone, then It is impossible to find your device.

Here I give you list of devices which have locked bootloader,
Redmi 3, 3s, 3s prime, Redmi 4a, 4, 4 prime, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Mi5, Mi6 and more

Myths About Bootloader Unlock process via Mi Unlock Tool

1. People think in bootloader unlock process your smartphone data gets lost, but the reality is that your data don't loss when you unlock the bootloader.
2. People think unlocking bootloader void your warranty but in reality, if you unlock your bootloader with the Official method of Xiaomi ( with the use of Mi Flash Unlock Tool), your warranty doesn't get void.
3. People think if they want to flash any MIUI stock ROM then bootloader must be unlocked but you can do it without unlocking the bootloader, I made a separate guide on this soon, if you're interested then say via comment below.

What is Bootloader

 In simple words, Bootloader is a code or computer program made by the smartphone company to boot his own OS, they hardcoded the same code on his OS too.....
     When the smartphone turns on by a user, First thing run in the background is bootloader, which checks whether the code on OS is matched with the code on itself...
  If code match then it executes the OS, but If codes don't match then it doesn't run the OS. If you want to learn more about bootloader then visit XdaForum
That's why we need to Unlock the bootloader to flash the custom ROMs, custom recoveries, Custom Kernels, Root the phone and Installing the Xposed frameworks.

How to Unlock Bootloader Redmi Note 3 or any Xiaomi device

In Unlocking the bootloader, There are 2 steps through which you can unlock the bootloader.

Request for Unlocking permission

1. Use chrome browser for translation purpose, then go to official website of Mi Flash Unlock Tool  Visit Here.
2. Simply press the Unlock now button.
3. Sign in with your Mi account, if you have not then simply create one.

4. As you see an application form appear, fill the form and write the genuine reason for unlocking bootloader and hit apply now.
   Suggestion:- you can write about MIUI beta Roms testing, installing custom ROM or any other topic that you do when your bootloader gets unlocked.
    Not write any thing wrong, these applications are check manually.
5. After this, an OTP is sent to your smartphone, put this code on the website and click next.
6. Then a message show application is submitted, please patient for review.
7. In my experience, Permission for unlocking takes Maximum 10 to 15 min( it take me 2 min).
If some odd reason you did not get the permission then go to MIUI forum.

Prerequisites Before Unlocking your Xiaomi device

1. The most important thing is a PC.
2. Download the Mi Flash Unlock Tool and install it (Download).
3. Xiaomi USB Drivers are installed.

How to Install Xiaomi USB Drivers in Windows PC 

1. Go to Mi Flash Unlock Tool Folder.
2. Open Drivers folder.
3. Click on Win10 folder and then Right click on android_winusb.
4. Click on Install.
5. Hurry! You successfully install Xiaomi USB Drivers.

Bootloader Unlocking process with Mi flash Unlock tool

1.Open the Mi flash Unlock tool
2.Sign in with the same Mi account that was on the smartphone.
3.Open your smartphone, Go to Setting- About Phone- tap on MIUI version 8 times.
4. Now you Enable Developers option.
5.Go to Setting- Additional setting-developer option.
6. In developer option, turn on USB debugging and OEM unlocking.
7. Shut down your device and press volume down + power button to enter fastboot mode.
8. Connect your smartphone with pc and click Unlock.
9. It takes some time and then reboot your device.
10. Hurry, you unlock your device bootloader.

You can check that your bootloader is unlocked by going to developer option-Mi Unlock status.

Tips to unlock bootloader faster

1. Fill your complete detail in MIUI forum after getting Permission.
2. Comment, ask Question on MIUI forum.
3. Stay active on MIUI forum until your bootloader gets unlocked.
4. If you face error of 50% or 99% then wait for 5 to 8 days then try again. It will Unlock.


I hope your bootloader gets unlock, Those are the same steps I take to unlock my redmi note 4. It takes me 8 days to unlock.
If you want to relock the bootloader then comment, I make this guide for you.
You can ask me any Xiaomi phone related query.If this article helps you to unlock your bootloader of your xiaomi phone then
Please share this to google+, facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks to help other to unlock their Mi phones bootloader.
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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

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10 Weird, Funny, Time Pass, Interesting Websites

Hello friends, Today I come with a list of funny, weird websites that you may like. Generally, we only visit websites like Google for search purpose, forums for reasoning purpose and social sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, for entertainment or for chatting purpose but beside this, there are many other websites for fun or time pass purpose.
So here are the list for you

Most Weird Websites Ever

1. Cleverbot

This is my favorite of all, It is a chatting bot which chats with you like humans. Try this website you really like this. This is just like chatting in social media, but here you say anything, yes anything. It gives you answer every time.

2. Staggering Beauty

 As you see in this picture a leech is shown if you hold the leech with your cursor then see what happens, try at one you like this.

3. Rainymood

It is a site with raining and thunder sound are play, this site feels you that around you rain occurs, this site is also available in an app for both platform ios and android.

4.  pointer pointer

I don't know how accurately he finds our mouse cursor and points it to an image like I see in this picture but it kind of fun. Try this.

5.  Snapbubble

Many people have a hobby of popping the bubbles when an electrical or any appliance come because it has polyethene. It sound to make people pop more bubbles so, I have a site similar to popping the bubble but here it virtually but here you also pop the bubbles same as in polyethene. Try this.

6.  Zoomquilt

when we click a photo and try to zoom in it fade as we zoom more to the picture but here is this website know as zoomquilt in which an image zoom continuously like infinity zoom.

7. Nicest Place on the Internet

 If you are sad or feeling not well then this site is for you, it blew away your sadness with a hug. In this site, many people hug you.

8. Feed The Head

 This is a weird game in which a face come and then game start you can do anything with this face you broke his nose, you detach the eye from face etc.

9. Heman Adventures

 This is a site for heman fans, in this site heman adventure video and a song play you really like if you see tv show of heman.

10. The useless web

 If you want more interesting or weird websites then go to this site and this site takes you randomly, to weird websites.                                            

Final words

I hope you like this post this is for entertainment purpose only if you want to kill time then this guide is perfect for you. After going to these sites if you feel good then share this post facebook, whatapps, google+ and twitter, Thank you.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

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[Solved] How to resume expired link in UC browser app

Hello friends, In Android, almost 100 million users use UC browser app because of its high downloading speed but sometimes you may face problems like retrying.. again and again, or link is expired. If you download a big file and you downloaded above 90%, and link expired then what you do, restart the file again but today I tell you how to solve a retrying problem in UC browser or link expired message😈.
I also face this problem many time when I download anime videos, but after this trick, my problem is solved, so I share this trick.

Before you used this trick make sure your link support resume if the link doesn't support resume, then this trick doesn't work so check this first.

7 easy steps to resume your downloaded file from UC browser app

1. Find your downloading file, simply go to file manager>Uc downloads>select downloading file and .tmp file.
Note:- .temp file is just below the downloading file
2. Make a new folder in File Manager and move those two files.
3.Open again file manager >uc downloads> downloading file, delete the downloading file
4.Now download the same file again and pause it to 4%(or 7mb).
5.Go to file manager>Uc download>downloading file, delete the new downloading file and .temp file.
6.Now copy the downloading file and .temp file previously you move to another folder.
7.Go to UC browser and resume the downloading file and complete your download😏.


This was a simple but very essential trick, It works for me every time when my download stuck, I hope you like this trick for more such tricks subscribe, share to Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social platforms, so people know about this method.
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